The Top 5 things 4Kids did that was good to the industry!

  • The Top 5 things 4Kids did that was good to the industry!

    This list is to open up peoples mind to the fact that 4kids did not do everything badly and show some things that some people might not realize what 4Kids worked on that actually was succeeded. This is not to say that for kids still hasn't done a lot of bad things but also there was a lot of good things that they did as well that I feel that people need to give them credit for. I have come up with 5 things that 4Kids was successful in.

    1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 Cartoon Series

    Before nickelodeon purchased the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise back in 2009 there was only two known cartoon series that have ever been produced for the ninja turtles besides all the other movies and spinoffs etc.

    And though a lot of people might remember the 1980s ninja turtles cartoon series that cartoon series went more into a cartoon direction and didn't really fall the comic book however in 2003 4kids made the Cartoon they took the cartoon series and made it closer to the comic book version. Yes 4Kids actually made a cartoon series closer to the source material now if only they can do this with anime 4Kids maybe less people will not hate him that much.

    1. Voice Actors

    Some of the best voice actors were discovered by 4Kids and also got their big break with doing a role for a 4Kids title. The biggest one obviously would be Veronica Taylor who is most known for obviously be in the original Ash Ketchum she was also Ash his mom was also eventually May in Pokémon. Other people Rachel who known to be The original Misty, Jesse. Also Eric who went on to be the original Brock and James and Seto in Yu-Gi-Oh. Also Dan Green Who ended up becoming big off of been Yami Yugi and a Little Yugi. There are also many more voice actors I could go on to talking about but basically moral of the story is all these voice actors that got their start with 4Kids went on to have very good success in other animes for other anime dubbing companies. All got there start really with 4Kids.

    1. Theme Song and Original Scores

    This get on the list 3 mainly for their English theme song, how ever I cannot ignore some of their original scores as well so I added that here.

    So we pretty much in this day and age 95% of the time today animes don't dub or make their own theme songs let alone hire and make their own original score music. However pretty much 4Kids still does that. And they are very successful in their own vision of their own compose the music. Even in anime titles that end up being a horrible adaptation Dubs like a famous Pirates anime. The theme songs however are very well done. One piece is English wrap theme song I thought was a very well done theme song despite the fact that the dub itself is actually shitty in terms of bad editing and script changes however that does not change about the quality of the theme song. Most of 4Kids theme songs get you pumped up for the show which in a fighting type of anime that's what it should be doing not be slow paced. Which is what you get with theme songs like one pieces rap theme song. Not to mention some of the other famous theme songs that they have done great jobs with with Yu-Gi-Oh! the original Yu-Gi-Oh series had a great short but sweet theme song where they said "it's time to duel" Quick but very catchy with action just how you would like show with action to have. Even more impressive was the sequel Yu-Gi-Oh! GX which had a really good catching theme song with titled "get your game on" once again another case of pumping you up and getting you ready for that anime. But also how can I almost forgot the biggest theme song that 4Kids compose and that being the original season 1 Pokémon English theme song. Most likely their biggest claim to fame was that theme song however there were many other theme songs that they did afterwards for Pokémon that were also good as well but nothing nearly as epic as the original first season theme song. And also there were also at times some very good soundtrack scores in the animes itself that they did that were very successful like the original Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and there are also some Pokémon scores that they did to from time to time they did pretty good as well including their albums that they did for Pokémon like the Christmas bash the "Misty song" #Pokeshipping and many more. I would recommend you guys check them all out.

    1. The Yu-Gi-Oh Franchise

    One of the biggest things that 4Kids Will always be linked to in terms of being successful is the Yu-Gi-Oh Franchise! About 4 Years after the release of their biggest title Pokémon came out 4Kids hit lightning in a bottle again with the English dub of Yu-Gi-Oh. Originally it was set to air on 9-11-2001 but we all know it was canceled after the tragedy that happened in our country that day but that didn't stop the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise from making it's debut the next week and immediately skyrocketed with great rating records. Still to this day 4Kids now known as 4KMedia still handles the English dub for all Yu-Gi-Oh! spinoff series streams etc. even the new Yu-Gi-Oh duel links apps which is English dub by the way unlike other anime that do app games for anime franchises.

    1. Pokémon

    I mean did you really not see this 1 coming?

    Pokémon is known worldwide everywhere across the world and one of the biggest reasons why it was successful to this day is because of the English dub of 4Kids. I had Pokémon been around prior to it being picked up yes but 4kids made it the biggest thing out there when it came to America in 1998. The anime industry exploded after Pokémon came out to the west. Were there other animes that came to the west before Pokémon? Yes. But Pokémon was really the first anime that came out where people were like holy crap this is an anime. And to many people myself included was their first taste of any type of anime. And this would gotten many people like myself into Anime Pokémon is credited for that. And it probably never happens if it isn't for 4Kids. So I'll always be grateful for that. And well let's face it most of us that are reading this right now myself included that typing it right now will admit that Pokémon was there childhood.

    So that's my list. This is not to justify some of the bad decisions that 4Kids have done over the years. But it's to show that there were things that they were very successful in and helping the anime industry or the cartoon industry to to a lesser extent. Also what other 4Kids thing do you think 4Kids was successful in?

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  • @gohan6425 said in The Top 5 things 4Kids did that was good to the industry!:

    And this would gotten many people like myself into Anime

    I agree Pokémon is what got me into anime. First it was pokemon, then I started watching anime on Toonami. I also snuck in and watch anime on Adult swim as well. When I became an adult, and the age of Video On Demand and Internet streaming, you can imagine how it went from there.

  • @gohan6425 4kids sucks back then but I saw Sonic X when I was younger when I started getting into the Sonic games on the Sega Genesis.

  • @Zethus said in The Top 5 things 4Kids did that was good to the industry!:

    @gohan6425 4kids sucks back then but I saw Sonic X when I was younger when I started getting into the Sonic games on the Sega Genesis.

    4Kids did not "suck" back then that got people into Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh... Also like it or not Sonic X English Dub is more popular then the Japan version... Most Japan people when not into Sonic X like the American Fans where...

  • @gohan6425 I don't like the show now since some arcs were adapted from the Adventure games.

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