Unable To Access Funimation via App

  • Last night, I was unable to access Funimation via the app on my Roku 4. When I reached the main page, it was blank with a spinning circle that went on for a solid five minutes before I closed the app. I waited a few minutes, then went back in, same thing. I even deleted the app, reinstalled it and went back in, same thing. I had no such trouble with my other streaming services, is this problem on my end or Funimation's? Please advise.

  • @JBRAN1976

    Same issue with the Roku 3. I have sent them 3-4 tickets about it the past couple of weeks with "We know of the issue and have added it to our to fix list".

    With all of the other issues it will probably take a few months for them to get to it. Still waiting on the audio and green screen issue to be fixed and those have been far longer an issue then this.

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