Audio Language Preference Option

  • I would really appreciate an audio language preference in the account playback preferences. I personally prefer japanese audio and it is getting old having to swap audio at the start of every video. Especially since it forces the player to reload the video.

    If anything, any settings that are in the player should have options either as a cookie in the player that saves your preference, or have everything customizable in the preferences.

  • Bump!! Because having to change the audio setting for every single episode I watch is unnecessary and most other websites that host anime's don't have this issue. Funimation USED to have that as an option, but this new version removed it. Please bring it back!

  • It's unlikely to happen, seeing as Funimation plans to move all the sub shows they can to Crunchyroll. We might get that option down the line or when the partnership ends.

  • Actually, this might be coming very soon along with a version preference. ^_^

    The player is supposed to follow the experience of the last video you watched and thus render the need for a preference obsolete. It's just not working. Therefore, we are simplifying the logic to always follow your preferences even if you temporarily override them via the player settings.

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