Can anyone help?

  • I just got a reply from support (contacted them sometime in January) and I was told to clear my watch history that for some weird reason maybe that had something to do with the AppleTV problem......It didn't. As a result I lost progression on a lot of shows I watch (that will be fun to figure out later) and the problem still persists. It got me thinking that maybe this is a lone problem as I don't see anyone on forums talking about it. Either that or someone/people have figured out a work around behind the crashing problem with AppleTV and if you are going to suggest using the website on PC, Ipad, Laptop or cellphone app please don't. I just prefer my appletv. So please if anyone has any ideas besides changing passwords (done it), deleting the app (done it), clearing cache/history (done it). please share with me.

    P.S. the problem is the app crashes as soon as you hit log in after typing in your username and password. it immediately takes you back to the home screen with all the other apps

  • @timrobasa I can see the logic of clearing data on your account, since the problem only occurs at login and doesn't affect (most) other users suggesting it is account-specific. I seem to recall discussing this before and... yes, we already confirmed that the iOS apps work for you. The only other troubleshooting steps I can think of right now would be to try using your account on a different AppleTV if possible or try a different account on yours (I've ended up with three other the years, but have obviously only logged in with the one account that has a subscription).
    Which model AppleTV it is anyway?

    [edit: huh, the forums have switched accounts on me]

  • @Shirobane it's the 4th gen model. I bought this thing a while back before they ever even mentioned releasing an app for appletv. I really love it but honestly it's heart breaking. I haven't seen any other complaints so I was thinking it was just happening to me. Plus when I used Twitter they said the same thing support said: "we are working on the issues as we have gotten similar complaints, when it is fixed we will contact you with a solution".

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