Does anyone know what happened to Crest of the Stars and if anyone will pick up/continue where Bandai left off?

  • I've been curious about this for ages and yet I wasn't sure if Sentai or someone else bought them or what happened to them but it appears that the rights to Crest/Banner of the Stars has outright vanished and was hoping if anyone has heard anything as to its fate and whether we will finally get to see Banner of the Stars III. Tokyopop had been in charge of the manga translation but since their disappearance and quick reappearance I'm not sure if they even have the rights to release the manga anymore. So please, if anyone knows anything to the fate of Crest of the Stars, please post it here! Thank you!

  • FUNimation has the rights to Crest of the Stars, Banner of the Stars 1 & 2 and Passage of the Stars - Birth. No release date has been set (FUNi is probably still waiting for the materials from Japan). No word if FUNi got Banner of the Stars 3.

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