Anyone else have trouble watching anything on this site?

  • I am trying to watch Dragon ball and it pauses to buffer every minute or so or just freezes altogether. My internet is fine, I watch shows on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon with absolutely no issue. I put in a ticket about 4 days ago and haven't gotten a response.

    P.S. Why is Dragonball super not up in English Dubs yet?

  • I wish I would have checked the forums and seen you post this 20 minutes ago... I renewed my sub 20 minutes ago to see if the issues were fixed yet....

    They seem to move at a snails pace when it comes to fixing the site.... The video quality selector still doesn't work as it's always set to 1080p regardless of what you choose. The audio still drops along with the buffering every short burst... This doesn't matter about your internet it's all on their end though the support will tell you it's not and recommend you clear your cache this does nothing btw. The only thing you can honestly do is cancel your sub and check back in every few months to see if they actually got around to fixing the issues.

    Last time they updated the site it took nearly a year for them to fix it to be watchable.... Then they updated again breaking everything again.

  • Works fine for me. And me only lousy free user. But then again, I have real Internet connection, and use Windows/Edge.

    'Tis would be helpful if FUNISTAFF had a blog post (like CR sometimes does with controversy) explaining technical issues and user statistics. Make people feel better.

    But then FUNI Founder Gen likes to run his ship like a Ninja squad; so all's silent on the Western Front, it is so...

  • Support said with my connection and everything I shouldn't have any buffering issues or experience any of the problems I have... I know the same thing happens at my brothers house and just a simple glance at the forums and reddit confirm that it's a very common and wide spread issue.

    You would think that they would actually move their ass considering that the issues are losing them shit loads of money due to people dropping subs and going to other sites.

  • I don't think that many people are actually having real issues; I have seen evidence to this effect even on CR Forums, and the "loud users" of FUNI seem to be misleading. For one, I have seen no complaints over the pre-existing mobile apps. And not all browser users having problems, just people who refuse to use Edge/IE, for some reason. Amazon devices seem to work, as well.

    From what I gather, only PS4 and Roku seem to have any sort of widespread problem. But since most people have neither, should be no problem.

    In either case, me still not persuaded any problems even exist on PS4. Or most other things. And Roku... It sucks, for everything that is; don't use. Amazon Fire TV is > . So that takes care of that.

    No matter, my current status is simply one of content. Winter Dubs, as I have stated before, is a problem so I went CR. But that is over, now. I am waiting for the FUNI Spring announcement before continuing. But since Amazon stole at least 1 show I was intending from CR/TAN, IDK about the rest. But we shall see, in time...

  • I don't have buffering issues but I do have problems with the filters on the shows telling me there are no episodes of things like attack on titan or Grayman when I know there are.

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