Get a call center

  • Funimation you really need a call center. I've had to many problems which I've had to resolve myself but this last issue with subscription has pushed me over the edge. I don't want to be that person that just shits on your name but I believe you have the funds to make what think is a reasonable idea. You've been around long enough to have the funds. Netflix and Hulu even have call centers. At this point I don't really want to hear excuses. When I have a problem I want to be able to call someone (even if I have to wait an 30mins) and tell them "hey something is wrong with my subscription". Then they verify me and look in my account and see what the problem is. I've worked in a bank call center for years. My calls usually take 8mins at most 15mins if I can't figure the problem out. Point is we need a number to call. I'm sure e-mails and tweets work but a phone call makes everything so much easier and QUICKER . I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who wants this done.

    P.S. I've already sent ticket in for my last issue.

  • @Kall355 said in Get a call center:

    Netflix and Hulu even have call centers.

    Netflix and and even Hulu have enormously more subscribers than CR, much less Funimation, and therefore far more financial resources.

    Hulu literally has more subscribers than Funimation and CR combined AND multiplied a few times. Netflix is in an entirely different league.

    If you are going to make a comparison, at least make it a realistic one.

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