Some suggestions for the new player

  • I stopped using Funimation a while back because I hated your old player and you were giving a lot of the simulcasting to Crunchyroll, which I preferred. I recently came back and I think your new player is a massive improvement, but it has 2 major issues for me that I wanted to bring to your attention.

    The first are the subtitles. The black box subs are really ugly. I think going back to the old subs would be a much better idea, or at the very least, giving an option to choose which one we want. I honestly find them very distracting, and there's a reason everybody else stopped using them. EDIT: I found an option to change the subtitles in the settings somewhere, but it doesn't look like it actually does anything? I changed the background from "black" to "none/transparent" and they still have black boxes.

    The other issue is a far more personal one that I don't expect anybody to bring up. I like to chat with my friends using Discord while I watch anime, and I have my Discord window at just the right size to be able to see the subs. My main issue is that when I alt+tab back into the show, the menu pops up like this which also darkens the top and bottom of the screen. It's not so big a deal in brighter shows like Boku no Hero Academia here, but if I'm watching something that can be darker at time like Tokyo Ghoul, it just makes it harder to see, which is annoying. None of my other streamings sites do this when I alt+tab, and yours didn't before the update either.

    just wanted to give my 2 cents on some issues I had. I appreciate the update, and hope that the site continues to get better.

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