Xbox one App problems and suggestions

  • Xbox one Funimation app is below mediocre compare to Crunchyroll app. Could you make the app more fluid with less lag and load time. Additionally, could you please make the anime more accessible such as have one specific anime pinned on xbox dashboard while also having it on xbox one guide. Also the funimation website is bit clunky and less fluid as well.

  • @r3z193 you're not the only one with app problems, i try adding any show or movie to my queue and the app crashes.
    the response i got from someone when i made a ticket basically assumed it was due to user error rather than their app being broken. If i was having problems with my network i would've created a tech support ticket with microsoft.

    they need an in app bug report option more than anything else.

    they also need to change the phone number listed under help for the xbox one app since the xbox one is not a roku nor is calling product tech support a solution for an app problem.

  • Reinstall the app 3 times and it still crashes. Unable to watch to eps of any show without it crashing. No error codes are given. No goddess have been reported as I can see. Hard rebooted my Xbox one. Sometimes when it crashes it will still play the eps But have the connection message shown. Hard wired my Xbox one to my router and my ping is above average. Had them been work or progress on l solving this issue?

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