Outstanding Balance glitch?

  • I know this isn't the place for this (and have indeed already contacted Support) but I'm concerned and annoyed.

    I just earlier today got a email saying thanks for contacting support (I don't remember contacting support before) about an Escaflowne DVD order I placed waaaay last year, with a second email saying that I had an outstanding balance on one of the two DVD seasons, despite that I'm guessing the payment went through way long ago because the order shipped. The second email asked me to go to another website to update my credit card info but the site in question was undergoing maintenance and still is so I can't fix anything.

    I am less than happy with this problem. Sorry if I sound hostile but since I have money involved I'm just worried.

  • Hi,

    Out of curiosity, what other Website were you being directed to? I would say, if your item shipped, FUN got their payment, and, i would be wary of anyone else asking for you to make a payment or updating your credit card info - - could be phishing.

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  • It was a NetSuite site. I'm wondering if this out-of-the-blue error and the NetSuite site's maintenance shenanigans are related, like the site had a brain fart and tried to re-process my order.

    EDIT 3-29-17: The NetSuite site is still down and won't let me fix anything.

  • Bump.

    The NetSuite link in the email still goes to a "we are undergoing system maintenance" page. No word yet from support, although they said it may take up to 4 business days and I contacted support on the 28th, so not sure if the limit has been reached yet.

  • Thought I'd tell you that the same has happened to me but nothing has happened with them taking more money out of my account or anything other than the initial purchase. I just chalked it up to something with NetSuite. Sorry I don't have answers or anything just wanted you to know.

  • Update!

    Apparently the billing only happens after shipping and I didn't have enough in checking at the moment for both orders, so I wound up with an outstanding balance.

    The nonworking payment update link was due to Funi switching over to a new billing system, apparently.

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