Voice Actor from the Code Geass that could come back Discussion...

  • Johnny Yong Bosch ... Lelouch vi Britannia (voice: English version)
    Yuri Lowenthal ... Suzaku Kururugi (voice: English version)
    Kate Higgins ... C.C. (voice: English version)
    Karen Strassman ... Kallen Kozuki (voice: English version)

    Amy Kincaid ... Shirley Fennette (voice: English version)
    Julie Ann Taylor ... Milly Ashford (voice: English version)
    Kirk Thornton ... Kaname Ohgi (voice: English version)
    David Vincent ... Nagata (voice: English version) (as David Earnest)
    Jamieson Price ... Diethard Ried (voice: English version)
    Brian Beacock ... Rivalz Cardemonde (voice: English version)
    Crispin Freeman ... Jeremiah Gottwald (voice: English version)
    Megan Hollingshead ... Viletta Nu (voice: English version)
    Liam O'Brien ... Lloyd Asplund (voice: English version)
    Deborah Sale Butler ... Cecile Croomy (voice: English version)
    Doug Erholtz ... Yoshida (voice: English version)
    Dyanne DiRosario ... Additional Voices (voice: English version)
    Michelle Ruff ... Young Lelouch (voice: English version)
    Spike Spencer ... Rolo Lamperouge (voice: English version)
    Michelle Ruff ... Euphemia li Britannia (voice: English version)
    Rebecca Forstadt ... Nunnally vi Britannia (voice: English version)
    Steve Blum ... Kyoshiro Tohdoh (voice: English version)
    Mary Elizabeth McGlynn ... Cornelia li Britannia (voice: English version)
    Michael McConnohie ... Charles zi Britannia (voice: English version)
    Troy Baker ... Schneizel el Britannia (voice: English version)

    Please note some people listed here may have die but that does not mean that will not have flashback or whatever else from then coming back.

    Also if there someone I missed let me know. Who you think will still be a good and who maybe on the bubble? Basic on the info of the OVA Johnny Yong Bosch ... Lelouch vi Britannia (voice: English version), Yuri Lowenthal ... Suzaku Kururugi (voice: English version), Kate Higgins ... C.C. (voice: English version) are mostly a lock for Season 3. But what about Karen Strassman coming back as Kallen Kozuki she 1 of the 4 main people in the show I feel like Funimation had to being here back...

  • I think this is going a little bit far.

  • @Zethus Uh? What you mean?

  • Because you've been told, repeatedly, by pretty much everyone to stop doing these threads?

    Why discuss actors for characters that may not even be in the show? How about actually waiting for the show to be released before debating who is going to voice them?

  • @emdier

    @Sophie said in Code Geass getting it own Section on Funimation Forums that go for the other new titles too...:

    @gohan6425 This already exists. You can talk about Code Geass in the World of CLAMP forum.

    Well she said I could talk here so I will thank you...

  • @gohan6425 that doesn't give you carte blanche to continue creating endless threads on similar topics.
    In addition, the sensible time to start discussing potential English casts is after a dub is actually confirned, or at least the show is actually licensed. At this point we don't even know what characters will be in it, let alone the Japanese cast or even what format it is; it's not even confirmed yet if it will be a film/OVA/TV series...

  • @Shiroi-Hane I link the YouTube video and seen the people that would be in it...

    Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYt15D6_OKw basic on this we have some info on who coming back...

  • @gohan6425 it's hard to tell from that postage stamp, but you seem to have several times more characters on your list.
    I've looked to see any anybody else out there is already speculating on an English cast for this and... there's you. On these forums. In a thread that's already been locked.
    Does it perhaps cause you physical pain if you go for any length of time without creating a new Code Geass thread?

  • @Shiroi-Hane Code Geass is a GREAT anime. News die for 3 years the HYPE is back...

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