How come nothing that Funimation announces to the press is kept secret?

  • I always wonder why anything Funimation doesn't tell the press is kept secret from the public. How come anything the Press doesn't know, the public outside the company can't know? For example, as soon as voice actors are casted for roles, why can't the public know who is voicing the characters? I just hate it when things are kept behind closed doors. When voice actors are doing recording sessions, how come they are held under NDA, and can't say they are voicing the character, until funimation announces them to the press?

  • Legal reasons.

  • Unfinished product subject to changes. Its entirely possible that some VAs that are given a role aren't up to snuff and gave it to someone else?

    Why are alpha/beta-testers subject to NDA? Why am I subjected to a verbal NDA about a job promotion?

    Companies have a right to keep secrets similar to how we as individuals have a right to privacy (corporations are people after all).

  • Press Releases (and blog posts, and other social media) are how they announce things to the public. If they haven't yet announced something they are not yet ready to, for various reasons including those already mentioned above and purely for reasons of marketing and timing.

  • Simple version: Because spoilers suck.

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