My Hero Academia OVAs, will Funimation license them or...

  • Something has been bugging me recently. In Japan volume 13 and 14 of My Hero Academia both come with an OVA included; which are Save! Rescue Training and Training of the Dead. What are the chances these get licensed by Funimation? Would the fact that they are bundled with a manga in Japan makes it so that a licensing problem stops them from doing so? Does VIZ as a say in it? Are these OVAs stuck in licensing limbo?

    I really want to see them and a dub would be nice.

    Cheers for any info!

  • I too hope to see those OVA's picked up and licensed but OVA licenses are apparently a HUGE pain in the butt, especially when they are packaged with the manga because that's a whole separate negotiation with the Manga Company instead of the Anime Company whom Funi originally licensed My Hero Academia from.

  • Yea I kind of expected technicalities to be a problem for these OVAs. Hopefully Funimation goes the extra mile and get them.

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