Funimation Now does not work on Roku 3 or Firestick

  • I've a Roku 3 and a Firestick. Both the applications are unable to play anything due to constant buffer. They'll buffer every couple of seconds and either not play or play for a couple seconds into another buffer. This started happening about 3-4 weeks ago, but the new applications have been pretty awful since their launch (the previous app was awful too, but it at least worked..). This has already been talked about below and yet still no response.

    Yes, I have checked to death if it's my internet and it's not. I mention it does the -exact- same thing on Roku 3 and Firestick to show it's a consistent issue across devices. I do not have buffer issues playing through the website.

  • @krileon FYI~ You need to submit tickets to Customer Support. The forums are not on their radar.

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