funimation profile page

  • It would be great to have a profile page like the old site
    possibly make it customizable with the option to change the background color or add a picture,
    throw in an option to add embed html modules.
    and possibly bring back the option to send PM's to other users.

  • Actually, you can add a background pic. If you click twice on someone's icon (or your own), it will take you to a page where you can view their background pic, some stats, and forum post history. If it's yours, you can upload a pic by hovering over the space above your icon, and clicking the up arrow.

  • it'll take some pre-upload cropping to get the image to fit right.
    I had to crop a bunch off mine so that their heads didn't get cut off XD.

  • @jameslegato Yeah, I ran into issues with moving images around on the page. It says you can move them and hit save, but I can't find the "save" button.

    You can also click the circle with the three dots, hit eidt, and enter a little "about me" stuff that will appear on your profile.

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