Does anyone know how to get into voice acting?

  • Hi, my name's McKenzie. It's been a dream of mine since I was a child to voice act-- Does anyone happen to know how to get started?

  • Hi there. Thanks for sharing your interest in becoming a voice actor.

    While I can't really offer you any tips personally, Eric Vale made a little video a few years back on the subject. I suggest you check it out:

  • Cool vid. I met a guy last year I did a job with who was an actor, and he said he had been working hard at it for 3-4 years. He said he found it hard to find on screen work because of how tall he was. I asked him if he ever considered voice acting, and recommended he explore that route. It seemed to take him a bit by surprise, as though he had not considered it. He moved back to Vancouver so I have no idea if he explored that avenue, but I think voice acting is pretty damn cool, and he would be crazy not to keep his options open.

  • Interesting enough, that's what I want to do despite having a degree in Sociology. I do want to move to Texas next year to get a graduate degree in theate.

  • @SpacemanHardy sometimes I feel like voice acting although I feel like it's hard work.

  • One time I had a "conversation" with Sonny Strait via YouTube comments, and as a joke I asked him how do you become a voice actor. He told me that all you have to do is sleep with Chris Sabat and you're good. XD

    As to becoming a voice actor (seriously), there are some expensive classes where you can train to become one. It also helps to know the actors personally, and get them to recruit you (Austin Tindle knew Ian Sinclair, J. Michael Tatum knew Christopher Bevins, Aaron Dismuke knew Justin Cook, Colleen Clinkenbeard knew Laura Bailey who in turn knew Kent Williams, etc.).

    As for me, it would be cool to play several anime characters (if anyone is reading, my voice is kind of a deeper version of Tony Oliver's but I do have a bit of range, and I excel at manipulative psychos and brooding stoics - I could do a good Subaru Natsuki if you want, and a Young Trafalger Law if Matthew Mercer doesn't mind, but I won't get a mike until the summer unfortunately).

  • The inestible Crispin Freeman has a podcast series on this topic, and also does classes:

    There's also a book out from Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal:

    Here's an old Answerman column:

  • And now a shiny new Answerman column:

  • If you're referring to voice acting for Funimation, you can find info about that on the FAQ page.

  • @tboy1992 I'm laughing at this, not at you. I have a degree in forensics science. One of those cases if follow your brain and ignore your heart kind if things. I'm sure I'm too old to try to wiggle in anymore, but I'm gonna try.

  • Oh almost forgot if you are talking about Funimation. Go to the about us part and you'll see a work for us, become a voice actor, and something else.

    If you click on the voice actor part it will ask for a demo, email, and to fill out a form.

    Some experience with acting is a bonus so try for commercials, community plays, etc.

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