Why list it if you aren't streaming it ?

  • This isn't the only title funi has done it on either . I added it to my watch list & was going to watch it today and nooo . You know what us guys call women like that...

  • @sirbiscuit I submitted a ticket complaining about dead links. There are quite a few.

  • I wouldn't even have bought the movie had I not watched it first too. Its such an amazing ride, definitely Hosoda's best movie.

    But those dead links are annoying, the live action attack on titan movies I think are also found on the streaming list when they aren't available for streaming. No idea on why they have a page for the movies/shows that aren't for streaming.

  • I sent a ticket to support about this a few days after the new website went online, and the answer I received is that it acts as a placeholder for when it will be available again and also for general information about the movie/serie.

    But I agree that it's annoying.

  • Unfortunately , this isn't the only title like this either . Also annoying is having a series up with only the first 3 episodes uncut , while the uncut versions have been out over a year .

  • It's here ..... Yea !!!

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