Any chance we can get seperate profiles for family and friends sub?

  • Just started to sub and also added the family and friends to it. I was just wondering if there were any plans to make it so your family and friends could have their own profiles within my account like netflix does, then our shows history and que's wont be all on the same list?? Also, couldnt help but notice there is no way to track what and where we have commented/reviewed so far without just having to know the specific show and episode. So far I love how you guys our doing thanks!

  • This is being discussed.

  • I also certainly would like this as I want to get friends and family for my brother but do not want my queue and or continue status on shows I watch being an issue for me if a family member is forced to use my queue etc. Having a separate queue/profile etc like netflix makes that issue moot.

  • @Sophie said in Any chance we can get seperate profiles for family and friends sub?:

    This is being discussed.

    Thanks for replying! I think Funimation can could catch up to things like Netflix and Crunchyroll, but it does seem like Funimation has this project more on the back-burner or as a "Test" from what some of the other forum posts are saying. Anyway to see updated news and updates or use on other platforms? I know of the partnership with Crunchyroll, but does it only go so far as sharing content for making this the "Dub Hub" or are they helping make the streaming service any better as well? So far i am happy with Funimation as I do mostly prefer to watch things in my own language. Thanks!

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