Which Super dub do you prefer?

  • Unless you were following the news leading up to Funimation's dub cast announcement, you probably are not aware that there are in fact two English dubs for Dragon Ball Super. In November 2015 it was announced that Asian networks would be getting an English dub for the series. This Asian English dub is produced by Bang Zoom Entertainment on the West Coast; it would be more than a year before Funimation would announce their dub cast.

    Most people on the site are likely familiar with Funimation's dub, which keeps most of the English cast from previous Dragon Ball series and is currently being broadcast on Toonami in North America. But if you have also watched the Asian English dub, then my question to you is this: which English dub do you think is better?

    I will now list the English VA's for both dubs as a comparison. The VA for Funimation's dub is first, followed by the one for the Bang Zoom dub.

    Goku: Sean Schemmel/Lex Lang
    Vegeta: Christopher R. Sabat/Kaiji Tang
    Chichi: Cynthia Cranz/Michelle Ruff
    Bulma: Monica Rial/Wendee Lee
    Gohan: Kyle Hebert/Chris Hackney
    Goten: Kara Edwards/Dana Hayes
    Trunks: Alexis Tipton/Haley Lewis
    Piccolo: Christopher R. Sabat/Ray Chase
    Krillin: Sonny Strait/Brian Beacock
    Android 18: Meredith McCoy/Tamara Ryan
    Mr. Satan: Chris Rager/Jamieson K. Price
    Videl: Kara Edwards/Erika Harlacher
    Buu: Josh Martin/Spike Spencer
    Tien: John Burgmeier/Ray Chase
    Yamcha: Christopher R. Sabat/Grant George
    Oolong: Brad Jackson/Ray Chase
    Master Roshi: Mike McFarland/Kirk Thornton
    Pilaf: Chuck Huber/Tom Fahn
    Shu: Chris Cason/Tom Bauer
    Mai: Colleen Clinkenbeard/Julie Maddalena
    Beerus: Jason Douglas/Archie Fletcher
    Whis: Ian Sinclair/Doug Erholtz
    King Kai: Sean Schemmel/Michael McConnohie
    Supreme Kai: Kent Williams/David Vincent
    Elder Kai: Kent Williams/Steve Kramer

    Unfortunately, I cannot find a listing for the Bang Zoom VA's of Puar or Chiaotzu.

  • the only bit I've heard is that clip included in a different ANN article. It was ep 1 with Mr Satan being interviewed. Sounded fine to me, although, Jamieson sounded like he was trying to imitate Chris a little too much

  • @GalaxyCrisis Funimation's Dub duh! Also this is very known news since the Asian English dub was announcement came out long before Funimation's dub announcement. other then Hercule voice actor who sound the same as Funimation's the all of the voices for the Asian English dub sound very craped.

    @Getchman Here the YouTube Channel for more clips of Bang Zoom aka Asian English dub https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsk1b57ahatA4e7YiKejPHg

    Let put it this way... It's a GOOD thing we got Funimation Dub... Goku sound like Adult Gohan like WTF!

    Also I think it funny that Boang Zoom are using the "Hercule" Name in there official Dub since that was a name Funimation came up with but are ONLY using that name for Video Games and the TV Edited Version (Had yet to air on TV, but we know it exist b/c Chris Rager said so in an inview with Geekdom101). But Bang Zoom is using the name... Mostly the only thing that that did that was good...

  • I don't particularly care to watch the Toonami Asia dub of Dragon Ball Super but I do think it is interesting that it does exist overall.

    Plus Kaiji Tang as Vegeta is fun.

  • @classyspartan Where do you even watch it??? Lol I only been able to find clips of it on YouTube not full length eps.???

  • @gohan6425 said in Which Super dub do you prefer?:

    @classyspartan Where do you even watch it??? Lol I only been able to find clips of it on YouTube not full length eps.???

    It's only airing in Toonami Asia, basically Asian/English regions like the Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand, etc. Not really meant for our particular region anyway, and it's not where Funimation licenses and broadcasts to anyways, so it really doesn't impact or stream to our region.

  • @classyspartan I don't really wanted to watch it as are dub is OVER 9000 TIMES better. But you last comment sen like you had watch it? I link already YouTube Clips to Bang Zoom Dub but that the best I can find. But from what I seen are dub is LEAGUES ahead of it...

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