Please stop calling "Ki" "Energy" in the Super dub.

  • So far in the dub for Dragon Ball Super, most, if not all mentions of what would normally be called ki have been called energy. This makes sense as a translation, but since in the original funimation dubs and (I think) most English Dragon Ball games, it has been called ki, it doesn't really make sense to me that it's translated as energy. I'm sure multiple episodes have been recorded in advance, but still, it'd be nice if it could be reverted back to ki, like it has been in most english dubs of the series.

  • As far as I know, the FUNimation dub never used the term 'Ki' in the original DBZ.

  • Thank you for the feedback, but unfortunately posting something like this here on the forums really isn't going to do much good, as the actors, writers, voice directors, etc. usually don't read the forums. You'd probably be better off contacting Chris Sabat directly on social media.

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