Dragonball Super Blu ray release?

  • I'm sure its already been asked however, these new forums are awful and mostly just a cluster eff of bad design and navigation.

    Will the dubbed releases be getting a blu ray release anytime soon?

    I cant even stand watching dragonball without my funimation dub. Its like the one anime I refuse to watch in Japanese as the American handling of the series is just so much better.

    I really wanna get into the series but, again funimation has spoiled me. I wanna sit down pop the disk in and watch some glorious dub on marthon mode. You know the way god intended lol

  • The question is not if, but when.

  • @clessy @classyspartan http://www.adultswim.com/videos/dragon-ball-super/ This is where you watch Dragonball Super for FREE legally. Keep in mind there 3 week behind the TV Broadcast on cable but it better then nothing. Right on this web site you can watch up to ep. 7 right now. Right now on cable that air 10 eps. so far. Every week the web site add and unlock a new ep. you can watch. Like Ep. 11 will air on cable this week so on there web site that will unlock ep. 8 at the end of this week. That how you watch it though if you don't have cable.

    As for when the Blu-Ray will come out mostly after there finish with season 1 which mean like right at the end of year which would be at like ep. 27 of Dragonball Super.

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