Special thanks to FUN.

  • I know there have been problems recently, but, I would still like to take some time to extend a special thank you to FUNimation for bringing us Fuuka. Overall, from what I've seen so far, a very well done anime, beautiful art, music, and, I appreciate the voice talent chosen for the roles. I had a special place in my heart for Suzuka, so, seeing the series re-charged (so to speak) is very nice. It's shows like these that remind us (even in the midst of problems) why we have come to love FUNimation so much. Fuuka has a very captivating story, that immersed me from episode 1. To be honest, I love many shows that FUN offers, however, this one will be the one to cement my upcoming renewal. If you are considering discontinuing your subscription, I would encourage you to first give Fuuka a chance and see if it doesn't grip your soul.
    Once again, thank you FUNimation, and, special thanks to the creators of Fuuka.

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