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  • Ever since the new site launched, the subtitles for Tales of Zestiria now have black bars behind the text and it's very irritating. Is this going to be the new standard going forward because it sucks that we don't have an option for normal subtitles without the black bars. I honestly stopped watching Tales because I hate the new format for the subs. It should at least be like Hulu where you can pick if you want the bars or not.
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  • Looks like you can change them by going to your account, clicking on "Preferences" and then "User Settings".

    Change the size, color and background box there.

  • Sadly it looks like those settings don't actually get applied. I have mine set to have no black bars and yet they still appear. And to make sure it wasn't just a bug with that setting, I changed my resolution preference to be 360p instead of the default Auto. When I went to play video, it still was set to automatic resolution.

  • @mrcarmichael I believe all those settings except for None / Transparent background seem to work. It's crazy that it's been two months since this new site and apps launched and they are still utter garbage.

    alt text

    alt text

  • I also get the same thing.And some show in japanese like My Hero Academia or Guilty Crown dont have any subs on Roku and iOS.Happened after the big updates.Already notified support but i'm not counting on it too much.

    Edit:Apparently some show use Roku CC,but to be honest Roku subs are complete garbage,either too big or too small and they're impossible to read unless you use a flashy color.

  • @Rejectedshadow

    Huh, weird, those settings didn't work for me when I tried at the time of my post, but does now. At least on the website, it doesn't seem to carry over to the Xbox One app for me though, though I could try relogging in and seeing if that works.

    And that still crap though that they have a black box for white text subtitles, just have an black outline like every other sub (except for some Sentai shows, f*** them and yellow text)

  • It's ridiculous that Funimation can't get this right. The quality of the video player is absolutely amazing (Compared to Crunchyroll's abomination) other than the black bars around subs.

    I can watch it this way, but a bug like this detracts from my enjoyment and makes me reconsider my thoughts on subscribing.

  • The transparency setting has been fixed. You should now be able to apply the setting and have it stick.

    Not having an outline stroke is actually a limitation of HTML5 and not a bug.

    I've asked if we can add a line stroke setting for the site, but was told that there is currently not enough browser support for it. IE looks to be the straggler, and only the most recent version of Edge supports it.

    However, our most used browser, Chrome, does support it, so I've asked if we could add it and include a disclaimer. The developers are also looking into adding a transparency slider even if we can't add the stroke.

    As for the apps, the look of the soft subtitles is specific to the device, but not all of them follow device settings. I would need to double check which apps follow device settings and which don't. Then I could put in a request for that to be changed.

  • alt text

    The text outline stroke has been approved to be added!

    When you select "None" as the background on the website, there will be a black outline stroke around the text. :D

    Background as "None" will be the default setting if you have not already changed it. "None" really should have always been the default, so that we wouldn't have had so much confusion and outrage, but it was thought at the time that a stroke could not be added.

    You will have color options for the outline stroke on the website.

  • @Sophie Are you referring to the option for "Semi-Transparent Text", or the Background option for "None/Transparent"? If it's the latter, I'm still getting black backgrounds on the text.

  • @tremorc The latter. Clear your cache?

  • @Sophie Just did. Black bars are still there.

  • @tremorc Boo. Yes, I've also confirmed this. I'll comment on the bug and re-open. Thanks!

  • @Sophie

    Sorry this isn't specifically about the black bars but since the site launched I haven't been able to view my account bc I get an Internal Service Error every time making me unable to do anything about the my the black bars and my account.

    Also is it possible you guys just do you typesetting like CR's I can't think a better way to do it. This all just seems more complicated.

  • @Sophie I hope this gets fixed soon, as I can't stand watching stuff with sub backgrounds.

    I'd use the Windows 10 app, but it uses Windows 10's CC options and it doesn't support any outlining/shading for subtitles. So if I try and watch something like DBS which has super(ha) high contrast, it's dang near impossible to see the subtitles.
    0_1491300779033_C4_250eUYAAC7v5.jpg large.jpg

    The app really needs to have built-in subtitles and fonts. Microsoft's Closed Captions wasn't meant to be used like this. I've been submitting feedback as an insider and asking for more support, but Insider team told outright that they don't see a reason to support something like this anytime soon, as only the smallest percentage of their users will use it.

  • I'd really like this fixed as well, I enjoy watching most things with subtitles even when dubbed just to make sure I don't miss something being said but with these boxes around the subtitles it's just really distracting and takes away a lot from what's happening on screen. Please fix this asap

  • Also, could we have options in the player to change subtitle settings?

  • I was having an issue with the subs where the text would appear 1 or 2 seconds after the people start talking. It's a bit jarring to watch.

  • I see that the problem of the background has been fixed on the web browser now, is it also going to be fixed for the apps? I'm specifically referring to the android phone app when chromecasting.

  • This issue is still a thing with the Xbox One app.

    I only watch subbed because English dub is cringe worthy for anime 99% of the time, so this is a deal breaker for me.

  • @Awsomonium On Xbox One, you can adjust the look of the soft subtitles in the system settings to remove the black bar.

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