Question to someone who own the new Code Geass Blu-Ray's? R2 Pictures Drama English Dub?

  • Question to someone who own the new Code Geass Blu-Ray's? Do that have the R2 Pictures Drama English Dub? That it was in there but when that listed it was never stated. R1 Pictures Drama where English Dub by Bandai but R2 Pictures Drama where not so I wondering if anyone that has the Blu-Ray's Set could answer this quesion? So we know who voice though? Not that that need moth flaps for Pictures Drama at all...

  • No. They were not included, nor were they dubbed.

  • @SpacemanHardy Wait the Pictures Drama where not included I though that where from the listing that gave?

  • Let me look into it and I'll check.

  • @SpacemanHardy "Special Features: Stage 01 Audio Commentary, Stage 04 Audio Commentary, Stage 05 Audio Commentary, Stage 08 Audio Commentary, Stage 11 Audio Commentary, Stage 14 Audio Commentary, Stage 19 Audio Commentary, Stage 21 Audio Commentary, Picture Drama Episode 1, Picture Drama: Stage 3.25, Picture Drama: Stage 4.33, Picture Drama: Stage 6.75, Picture Drama: Stage 8.75, Picture Drama: Stage 9.33, Picture Drama: Stage 9.75, Picture Drama Stage 22.25, Picture Drama Stage 23.95, U.S. Voice Actor Interviews: Johnny Yong Bosch, Yuri Lowenthal, Kate Higgins, Karen Strassman, Textless Opening Songs: ''COLORS'' Ver. 1, ''COLORS'' Ver. 2, ''Kaidokufunou'', ''Hitomi no Tsubasa'', Textless Closings Songs: ''COLORS '', ''Yukyou Seishun Ka'', ''Kaidokufunou'', ''Mosaic Kakera'' Ver. 1, ''Mosaic Kakera'' Ver. 2, Turn 01 Audio Commentary, Turn 04 Audio Commentary, Turn 06 Audio Commentary, Turn 08 Audio Commentary, Turn 12 Audio Commentary, Turn 15 Audio Commentary, Turn 19 Audio Commentary, Turn 21 Audio Commentary, Final Turn Audio Commentary (Cast Side), Final Turn Audio Commentary (Staff Side), Picture Drama: Turn 0.923, Picture Drama: Turn 0.56, Picture Drama: Stage 7.19, Picture Drama: Turn 9.34, Picture Drama: Turn 12.59, Picture Drama: Turn 12.31, Picture Drama: Turn 19.02, Picture Drama: Turn 22.05, Picture Drama: Turn 25.01, Extra Flash: Baba Theater Redux Episodes 1-9, Broadcast Version of Next Turn (1-24), Textless Opening Songs: ''O2'', ''WORLD END'' Ver. 1, ''WORLD END'' Ver. 2, Textless Closing Songs: ''Shiawase Neiro'', ''Waga Routashi Aku no Hana'' Ver. 1, ''Waga Routashi Aku no Hana'' Ver. 2, U.S. Trailer and Trailers"


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