Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy: Voice Talent Discussion.

  • I always think if Crash Bandicoot was due to return, they should use FUNimation voice talents (w/ a few non-FUNI exceptions). When I heard they're remaking all the first 3 of the PS1 titles, I had to make a cast for them. Tell me what would've worked, My version f the cast or the final version?

    My version:
    Cherami Leigh-Crash Bandicoot
    Alexis Tipton-Coco Bandicoot
    Jerry Jewell-Dr. Neo Cortex
    Andrew Love-Dr. N. Brio
    Greg Ayres-Aku-Aku
    Ian James Corlett-Uka-Uka
    Sonny Strait-N. Gin
    Mike Pollock-Tiny Tiger (If they used his original design)
    Duncan Brannan-Tiny Tiger (If they used his Titans design)/Pinstripe Potaroo
    Jamie Marchi-Ripper Roo
    Chris Sabat-Koala Kong
    John Gremillion-Papu Papu
    Monica Rial-Polar
    Caitlin Glass-Pura
    Patrick McKenna-Dingodile/Komodo Moe
    Colleen Clinkenbear-Komodo Joe
    Ian Sinclair-Dr. N. Tropy
    Jad Saxton-Penta Penguin
    Tia Ballard-Tawna Bandicoot
    Joel McDonald-Fake Crash

    Final Version:
    Jess Harnell-Crash Bandicoot/Pinstripe Potoroo/Ripper Roo
    Lex Lang-Dr. Neo Cortex
    Debi Derryberry-Coco/Tawna
    Maurice LaMarche-Dr. N. Brio/Lab Assistants
    Greg Ealges-Aku-Aku
    John DiMaggio-Uka-Uka/Tiny Tiger
    Dwight Schultz-Papu Papu/Lab Assistants
    Corey Burton-Dr. N. Gin/Dr. N. Tropy/Baby Cortex
    Fred Tatascriore-Dingodile/Komodo Moe/Komodo Joe/Koala Kong

    When I saw the final cast, was wondering, how some of the voice will voice characters who haven't been giving voices since CTR (Pinstripe, Roo and Joe), ones who been silent thought the series (Tawna and Kong) and some who are better off silent (The Lab Assistants). I also notice that Polar, Pura, The Hog and Baby-T have no voice actors listed for them. So what do you think? Would you rather see FUNimation's voice overs take over the series, you like what we got or there's something you wish was added? (I'm ok w/ what they got, BTW.) Feel free to share w/ me your thoughts.

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