Erza playing pool table? 203 Spoilers

  • Ok so the rule for them playing pool table where not right. Is the rules different in Japan? There no diamond shape it's a triangle shape to break the balls with trying to get either the solids and or stripes which ever one you knock in 1st is the one you play to get in. And then you try to knock 8 ball however you have to called the cover of which one you knock 8 ball if you knock it in the wrong hole that you did not called you lose. But that said you need to knock the 9 ball in not the 8 ball... I was just wonder if this was just a anime thing or a Japan thing of the game being different from what I play before?

  • Different game.

    9 ball:

  • @Nobu Oh 9 ball. I think that do that alot in casinos but I gone to a casino ones b/c I rather not lose my money on gambling. Though 21 aka Blackjack is my kind of gambling game...

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