how to do a subtitled queue?

  • I'm watching Suzuka subtitled and every time it gets to the end of an episode it autoplays the next episode as English dubbed. Any ideas on how to make it stay on subbed? Thanks

  • @nekomonkey check your settings. I changed mine to dubbed so if i'm watching a show it automatically plays the dubs not the subs

  • @timrobasa sorry, which settings? there's a filter on the home page of the anime that allows you to select English (dub) or Japanese (sub) but if you select that and watch an episode it just defaults back to English dub every time it reaches the end of an episode and autoplays the next one. Not seeing anything in the account settings that lets me set sub vs dub prefs.

  • I was wondering how to do this too. Any way to set this so it automatically prefers subtitles and original audio for all videos versus english dub? Thanks.

  • There is no setting unfortunately for subbed only. I wish there was. I have found a work around. When you are on the page of the show you have the list that lets you select the language select Japanese like normal then right click the episode to new tab and do that for every episode that way it will always play in Japanese. while this is stupid to have to do for all the episodes its better than them auto-playing English every time.

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