Cafe Bonheur? Should it be an anime or what other manga would you like to become an anime?

  • I know I am not the only one who has read this cute and funny manga called Shiawasse kissa Sanchoume aka Café Bonheur and I know that this manga is finished around the year 2012 I believe. I was wondering if any who has read this wanted this to be an anime.
    For those who don't know this manga, it is about a 16 year old high school student named Takamura Uru whom she is now living by herself after her mom remarried and she thought she didn't want to be a bother to her and her step dad. She also finds a part-time job called Café Bonheur where she meets two handsome men, one named Shindou and the other named Ichirou. Shindou also nicknamed by Uru the demon king, looks to be a scary man who in the inside is actually a sweet kind-hearted person. Ichirou on the other hand is somewhat like "sleeping beauty" type of guy that randomly falls asleep and the only way to wake him up is to put some kind of food in his mouth. Throughout the chapters Uru meets new people, friends or foe (but mostly friends), and overcoming obstacles along the way. If you want to know more then read the manga yourself, I won't spoil it for you manga lovers! ;)
    I would LOVE to see this manga turn into an anime, I mean they got Kamisama Kiss and Kaichou wa maid-sama as an anime so why not this one and it's completed! Although even if it doesn't turn into an anime I wouldn't mind reading it over and over again. So manga lovers...what other manga would YOU like to see turn into an anime...I know there's a lot of new anime coming and I have seen really good ones lately. Maybe we could also discuss the anime/manga we already watched or read. :)

  • "So why not this one?" Because there are... probably about 20 times as many manga that exist as ones that get anime.
    I'm not a huge manga fan, so the only one I can think of is one that's actually based on a British novel series, but those books have been my favorite since I was 10, so.......

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