funimation now app works better then the site

  • I find it annoying how streaming off my playstation 4 is smoother then my pc, playing the player by the app it's a smooth ride with little to no lag or buffering.

    but off the web site with a pc any pc any browser it has issues with constant buffering, audio drops and full out freezing. I have watched things off brightcove players on other site with out problem its just the players on funimation sites, any clue to when some one is going to do some maintenance on this?

  • I wish the Windows 10 app worked better than the site did.

    The Queue is messed up with no ETA on a fix and the subtitles for shows that have softsubs are near impossible to see. That app uses Windows 10 closed captions for subtitles options and that wasn't meant to be used like that, so it has no shadowing options.

  • at lease the buffering issue is gone with that app. I would use it despite the annoyances but if I upgrade to windows 10 just for the app most of my japanese games on my pc will stop working and worse I have to pay 99$ to upgrade now that is bullcrap!

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