Yang Xiao Long make her way into Fairy Tail as Cosmos in Episode 180!

  • Sooooo I see Barbara Dunkelman best know as Yang Xiao Long from RWBY is voicing Cosmos in Episode 180 of Fairy Tail which I just watch... She sound really good as Cosmos she stated before that when she voicing Yang Xiao Long she sound like herself for the most part b/c that how Monty Oum that how the Yang character was suppose to sound like... But for she Cosmos sound alot different and it really could to see that she made a really good creepy voice for Cosmos and I use to hearing her he voice making pun jokes with Yang. But with Cosmos she really when all out into a different route with Cosmos and she really made it work... I wish she could do more guest roll in the future... And that to get this STARTED with YANG! :)

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