Dragon Ball Super "Universal Survival Saga" speculation/theories

  • I'd hope this saga doesn't disappoint, I haven't been too impressed with the last 2 sagas(Universe 6 saga and Goku Black Saga). With the fight being an out brawl of every universe minus 1,5,8, and 12, I wonder how it will play out with each one's team of 10.

    As far as who in team Universe 7 gets knocked out when: I'd like it to play out like this(some ideas where inspired by what other fans said). First I'd like 1 of the stronger members Vegeta, Gohan, or Buu to get knocked out right at the start by somebody weak in a very shocking way, showing strength isn't everything, Tien would make it half way through, Piccolo gets it near the end, 18 saves Krillin, 17 stalemates somebody, and when less than 5 universe teams remaim, the last of Universe 7 team is Goku, Krillin, and Roshi.

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  • Hmm that interesting. I actually enjoyed the Black Saga very much, and laugh at how many times Vegeta and Goku scrambling back to the present because they were getting their asses handed to by Black and Zamasu. The plot could have used more suspense and better foreshadowing, but you only expect so much from Akira Toriyama.

    As far as the tournament of power goes, I'm looking forward to seeing how these strong these new universes are. The exhibition tournament was a little lame and unnecessary, but few hidden gem are in the new intro: Broly is apparent in the intro. Vegeta may finally get the killed he has deserved. And maybe, we see a new power unlocked by Goku.
    I don't know, Super is looking pretty good so far.

  • Am I the only one that thinks that both Universe Six and Seven are going to survive? I know it has been said only the winner will survive. But we know that all the universes are linked together in pairs. And the four Universes that get to sit out are linked pairs as well (12 and 1, and 5 and 8). I wouldn't be surprised to see somehow Goku and the gang actually lose and be worried about their Universe going away only for Hit to save the day by his latest new powers he gained from trying to beat Goku. And both 6 and 7 survive.

  • I just hope it doesn't have some cheep "everyone lives and everything is ok" nonsense, now I'm not saying it has to be bleak or have a dark tone, but if this Saga ends with Universe 7 wishing everyone back with the Super Dragon Balls I'm done with the series for good.

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