Anyone else get Horizon Zero Dawn?

  • I did.

    Loved it. Already got the platinum trophy. Amazing game. I'd say its a cross between Dark Souls and Monster Hunter with the RPG elements from Mass Effect (or Star Wars the Old Republic).

    I do have some gripes with it but I mean... I spent 50 hours on the game when its only been out for 5 days, you can guess how much I liked it.

    The story was solid, except for Helis. When I first heard mention of him in the game, Aloy spoke as if she already knew who he was, I only knew who he was because I identified Crispin Freeman and remember that he was doing bad-guy things in the trailer. And given the circumstances of Aloy's upbringing, she wouldn't have known who he was so.... Yea. Luckily the story is something you piece together about how the apocalypse happened. (Just a note here though, I wouldn't really consider this to be much of a spoiler, or if it really counts.)

    The gameplay is where it gets Dark Souls/Monster Huntery. Rolling around, bows and arrows, bombs, rope, and trip wire. Happily you can break apart the machines like you could cut apart a monster in MH. Sure you can't cut any tails off, but you CAN break apart the machines (or make some parts explode) so that they can't do things. Stormbirds for example have engines on their wings that allow them to fly, break all 6 off and you just made a giant eagle a giant penguin.

    Graphics? Okay I do consider myself a part of the master race, but I do have a PS4 (and prospective switch when I see MH for it) because those two consoles get exclusives (meaning THEY WON'T BE FOUND ON PC). Xbox on the other-hand seriously started a thing where their games are PC and Xbox. But Horizon Zero Dawn? Those graphics are astounding. I can't think of anything (game-wise) that I have that comes close to comparing. I would chalk that up to art style though. For example: Zelda BotW, that game looks amazing in the graphics department, but that's because of the art, not because of the Tegra X1. I have played Battlefront (and Forza Horizon 3) and those games do look beautiful but I would consider HZD to be more visually stunning. Maybe I just have a problem with realistic graphics. But Horizon? I would say they have some PC level graphics here.

    I would say to watch a stream on twitch if you are iffy about it, but if you have a PS4 and want to get a AAA game that doesn't suck (No Man's Sky anyone?) this one delivers (but that's just my recommendation).

  • I wanted to get it but budgetary reasons I had to hold off, once I get my credit card in order this month I intend to at least rent it once I pay to keep one of my rentals on gamefly

  • I got it, played it for Hours on end and got the Platinum trophy, it is the best Open World Game I've ever played on the PS4, Guerilla Games have created a fantastic game

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