WTH!?!? Aniplex cancels Hallow home-video release in Japan?

  • I just read this on Crunchyroll: Aniplex has apparently cancelled the home video release of D.Gray-man Hallow in Japan. Obviously this has caused fans there to respond en masse demanding an answer to why they made this decision. Do you think a similar response will happen state-side, and what does this mean for any future plans for releasing the English dub here?

  • It probably won't have too much impact on a NA release.

    There have been other examples in the past: either volumes were cancelled in favor of releasing a single BD-Box, or the home video release was canned outright. In both cases, it's usually due to unexpectedly low sales, like under a few hundred units or double-digit sales.

    Unfortunately, I can't think or find a good concrete example off the top of my head. It's unusual, but not unheard of.

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