Code Geass Akito the Exiled OVA coming out this April????? Rumor

  • Ok I know I know... This just a rumor going around so it just that... But I feel it should share...

    Now regarding Akito's English Dub, here's what I found on wikipedia: (and again take this as a rumor)

    Along with the two seasons of the television series, the OVAs are licensed by Funimation.

    Funimation announced it will release the series in early 2017

    In January 2016, Manga Entertainment, who licensed the series in the UK, listed that they will release the first two episodes on Blu-Ray with an English dub on December 5, 2016 later changing the date to April 10, 2017

    In this case to the people that thing there will be 2 Dub, there is only one dub and it's made by Funimation. Manga UK maybe changed the release date to April of 2017 because that's when Funimation is releasing the OVA. In other words, there is no UK dub, only a Funimation dub and it will be released in early 2017.

    Ok so that what I guess is going around right now... If this is the case could this mean that did the Dub is in LA to get the old cast since there working with UK to??? So that both can get the dub to match the Season 1 and 2 English Dub?

  • April releases were announced last month and akito was not on the list. Right now the earliest we could possibly see it would be june. We'll find out in 2 weeks when the june releases are annonced. No guarantees though

  • @Getchman Eh... There go 1 rumor down the drain... :(

  • Trust us Gohan, as soon as Akito gets announced, we'll make sure that you're the FIRST to know.

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