March Anime Challenge

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    March is upon us, so that means it's time for a new month of challenges. I have come up with some new ones, so hope to get some good responses.

    1. Most Unique art style
    2. Favourite show watched this year
    3. Most relaxing Series
    4. First anime purchase (or one you would like to buy)
    5. Compliment a series you don’t like
    6. Season you pretend doesn’t exist
    7. Best old anime (made before 1990)
    8. Topic that should not be as interesting as the anime made it
    9. Best use of nicknames
    10. Something you have done because of anime
    11. Something you would like to do because of anime
    12. Best short series (Less than 10 min per episode)
    13. Favourite show in a genre you don’t typically like
    14. Best stand alone OVA or ONA series
    15. Shows that seem like they are connected
    16. Popular show you don’t like
    17. Best use of CGI
    18. Most shocking character change
    19. Smart character, stupid decision
    20. Best show about the afterlife
    21. Best siblings
    22. Most mysterious mystery
    23. Anime song you are currently obsessed with
    24. Anime you would like to live in
    25. Character you can relate to
    26. Best adaptation of non-Japanese source material
    27. Coolest outfit
    28. Favourite show you are currently watching (airing or marathon)
    29. Show you want to rewatch
    30. Creepiest Character
    31. Best DVD Commentary or special feature of a series

  • Can I make a quick question about day two's?

    do you mean in the last 12 months or just in this year(2017)?

  • @jameslegato said in March Anime Challenge:

    Can I make a quick question about day two's?

    do you mean in the last 12 months or just in this year(2017)?

    I was going for this year, so anything you have seen in 2017.

  • Day 1: Most Unique art style

    There are a few that come to mind here, both for being excellent and memorable.

    Kaiba is very unique. The art seems more at home in a kids show with simple designs and colours. But it works for the story. A more simple art style allows for the story to come into focus. The first half of the series is episodic with some more simple stories that are complimented by the simple art style. I almost didn't watch Kaiba simply based on the poster, but am so glad I gave it a try.

    alt text

    alt text

  • 1 - Most Unique art style

    I haven't seen much anime with "different" or uncommon art styles, so what comes closer to it would be Madoka Magica, mostly for the witches, which I remember thinking they were quite nicely done and contrasting with what we usually see in most anime.

    alt text

  • Day 1: Most Unique Art Style

    My knee jerk reaction is to say Katanagatari, but in the last challenge I used if for my favorite art style, so I will just have it as an honorable mention here. But I still really like that style, it's simple, elegant and it works.

    alt text

    However, for unique, I am going to have to go with The Tatami Galaxy.
    alt text

    It is simple, with an interesting use of color and immediately recognizable. I've never seen another show that looks quite like it.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @emdier Someone somewhere just had a seizure. I hope you're happy. :P

  • @Haildodger said in March Anime Challenge:

    @emdier Someone somewhere just had a seizure. I hope you're happy. :P

    Oh dear, gif changed. Haha didn't even consider that, figured it just showed how trippy the show was.

  • Day 1:Most Unique Art Style

    I'm going to start off with Little Witch Academia

    My big pick will go to Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
    0_1488406883574_maxresdefault (2).jpg

  • Day 2: Favourite show watched this year

    Kaiba gets an honorable mention here. However, I have raved about it a fair bit recently, so it will just be an HM today. I really didn't think I would love this show as much as I do. By the end of the first episode, I wasn't sure what was happening, but I liked it and wanted more. I am still not 100% sure what happened, but still love the general feeling. The OP, ED and a few tracks of the OST are quite good and quickly made their way onto my playlist.

    Another Honorable Mention goes to Fantastic Children. It's really just an HM as I am currently watching it and still need to see where it goes and how it ends. From the start, I knew I would like it. There is enough mystery and it's teased enough to keep me interested without doing info dumps. It's a rather interesting series.

    alt text

    My choice for today is Hozuki's Coolheadedness. This one is totally my kind of show. It's more dark comedy and dry humour. It tells the day to day life of he 2nd in command of Japanese Hell. He keeps things running smoothly and solves problems efficiently and without emotion. Everything is done by the book, but he does have his own little quirks to make things interesting. From Koi flower gardens to wanting to cuddle Koalas, there is never a dull moment in hell. There is also a vast cast of supporting characters. This show gave me quite a few laughs and a few relatable moments.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Day 2: Favourite show watched this year

    Alright, we'll start with a few honorable mentions,

    • Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Arc
    • Log Horizon
    • Sunday Without God
    • Hozuki's Coolheadedness
    • Natsume's Book of Friends Season 1
    • Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless
    • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

    However, I am going to have to have a tie for my favorite.

    One of the favorites so far this year is one I am actually not even that far in to, I am only on episode 7 but I find myself really enjoying, and that is Tiger and Bunny.

    alt text

    I dunno what it is about this show, (I think most of it is Wild Tiger himself) but it is just so darn charming. I like the slightly more "realistic" look at what the world of today would be like with super heroes, and it really reminds me of the Pixar film "The Incredibles".

    alt text

    I find myself really liking the dub for this show as well, which is a great bonus as the good acting just adds to the charm of the show. I get the feeling it's going to be getting more serious the later the show goes, which I am totally cool with, but for now I am enjoying my weird, funny show about goofy super heroes trying to be popular among their fans.

    The other would be The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of the Holy War.

    alt text

    This is a show I like more then I realistically should, with characters that I normally would dislike and yet somehow I don't.

    Meliodas is my biggest conflict with the series. Because I like his character, I find him interesting so why, why, WHY do they have to have the dumb part of his character that sexually harasses Elizabeth? And why does she have to allow it without really any kind of consequences? It drives me up the wall, especially since I do ship it, freaking why. It's not funny, it never was funny and it just makes the whole thing so awkward for me. It also makes it hard for me to recommend it to people, because those scenes tend to really just make me uncomfortable, and yet the rest of the show is really quite good.

    That truly is my only real gripe with this series, is the excess fanservice. It's annoying and really takes away from my enjoyment.

    alt text

    But now that that is out of the way, I can actually touch on what I liked about it. I know it may not seem like I do from that write up, but this show really does have a lot of good qualities.

    These four episodes really are just filler, and making up for the fact that the original anime definitely seemed to end like it was planning on not having any more seasons, then it was successful and they were like "....Well, we done screwed ourselves. How do we fix this?"

    So, we got these episodes, to try and fix the mistakes made at the end of season 1 and transition us in to a season 2. Since I watched the first season dubbed on Netflix, I decided to wait until the dub release and I am glad I did, because I really do like the dub for this series. I know a lot of people were ticked with these episodes, after Netflix rather stupidly advertised it as a "season 2" instead of a special 4 episode OVA filler, so it's been criticized by some but I am someone who really enjoyed these specials, particularly the one featuring King and Dianne.

    alt text

    I have since started reading the manga to see what all was cut out and changed, and I do think they found a good way to get us ready for season 2, and it did leave me wanting more for sure. I doubt I'll be waiting for the dub come the new season as there is some stuff I am pretty excited to see animated.

  • Favourite show watched this year


    • Interviews with Monster Girls ( ongoing - fun little show.)
    • Terror in Resonance ( HM bc it was covered in Feb.)
    • Phantom: Requiem for the phantom ( I quite liked it.)
    • Alderamin on the Sky ( This one has potential to become something very good, imo. )

    And my favourite this years is Romeo x Juliet.

    And yeah this was touched on in February too, but it was my favourite this year so... :P It's a nice take on a classic. I really enjoyed the journey form start to finish. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet.
    alt text
    alt text

  • 2 - Favourite show watched this year

    I haven't had time to watch much yet in 2017, but it would be Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju.

    alt text

  • 2 - Favourite show watched this year

    well I guess today's Challenge means anime that I have watched this year so far?
    uhh well that's not many.


    • Blue Exorcist
    • The Seven Deadly Sins

    Manly because they are the only ones I am really keeping up with this season.

    I have recently RE-watched all of Steins;Gate
    I'm about half way through re-watching Tiger & Bunny but, with the English dub this time.
    I am re-watching Duel! Parallel Trouble Adventure. I'm 5 episodes in.

    A favorite? uhhh....
    I guess Tiger & Bunny?? XD I own figures of them...
    oh wait I also own Figures from Steins;Gate. ugh...
    Yeah I'll go with Tiger & Bunny keep things simple

  • Day 1: Most Unique art style
    Going with Mushishi.
    alt text

    Day 2: Favourite show watched this year

    Currently airing this season:
    Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen.
    alt text

    Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga
    alt text

    Other HM: Interview with Monster Girls, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, and Saga of Tanya the Evil

    Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of the Holy War
    Nice to see this series again! Can't wait for a second season!
    alt text

    Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
    Currently watching this! So far, I think this show is pretty decent.
    alt text

    HM: Cyborg 009: Call of Justice- I liked it. Thought the show was ok (but it's not perfect). I haven't seen the previous series so I don't know how the other ones are. But I do have to say, I absolutely loved the OP and ED songs! They're super catchy! :D

    Cyborg 009: Call of Justice Opening
    Cyborg 009: Call of Justice Closing

  • Day 3: Most Relaxing Series

    Haha, this one is both easy and hard for me, cause "relaxing" shows usually put me right to sleep. Some of them took quite a few tries to watch, which is a bummer cause they're certainly not bad shows, but I drift off nearly as soon as I start.

    Honorable Mentions

    • Tanaka Is Always Listless
    • Mushishi
    • Non Non Biyori
    • Bunny Drop

    But the winner has to go to Natsume's Book of Friends.
    alt text

    This show is actually a little frustrating for me, because I really like it. But the soothing atmosphere, soft art and color palette, soundtrack, mellow voice acting and episodic nature all mix in to something that makes me drift off nearly as soon as I start it. It's ridiculous, I wanna watch, but can't do more then an episode at a time because if I do, I am off to snoozeville.

    alt text

  • @korrailli What do you mean by Day 1: Most Unique art style???

    Day 1: Most Unique art style

    Dragonball Super I guess I mean it in new art?

    0_1488508715436_dragonball super gif.gif

  • @gohan6425 said in March Anime Challenge:

    @emdier What do you mean by Day 1: Most Unique art style???

    Day 1: Most Unique art style

    ??? Not sure???

    1, Emider didn't make this thread, I did.

    1. Unique means something is one of a kind and not like anything else. So, 'most unique art style' would mean an art style that is unique. Something that isn't common and doens't have much that looks the same.

  • @korrailli Oh my bad... Hmmm I not sure?

  • @gohan6425 said in March Anime Challenge:

    @korrailli Oh my bad... Hmmm I not sure?

    Just pick something that looks different from what you normally see.

  • @korrailli

    Day 2: Favourite Show Watched This Year

    Will this is an easy one...

    Dragonball Super!

    0_1488508876166_dragonball super gif.gif

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