Manga VS Anime

  • I watched the anime way before I read the manga. It was like almost two different stories. The anime was more fanservice, and the manga was a much deeper story with a balance of fanservice and a great story. The manga has better fights and get to see Tscunea's development and his final transformation. I still like this show but the manga more.

  • Oh, if the anime were to get the Ultimate Brotherhood treatment.

  • I am so happy that someone else agrees with me. The manga also has fanservice for the girls, like me, unlike the anime, only for the guys. I love the whole story.

  • I wish that this series would get a proper adaptation someday.

  • Yes the Manga is clearly superior to the Anime, imo, with a nice balance of Fan service and story. I too hope Rosario + Vampire gets a proper Adaptation someday.

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