Nuked Australian Access?

  • Did I miss something about stopping Australians access to Funimation?
    It happened after the website went dark and never came back.
    No updates on website/Twitter.
    Unsure; but am I missing some crucial information that my oblivious self did not notice or did the company just nuked us without us knowing?

    Reached out for support, what a quick slow response; seriously? Three weeks just to be told to delete my history/cache/cookies?
    Mate... ;)

    Plus what's with the 'schedule'; it's a lot less now?

    Thank you to those who can provide information/insight on this matter. Just a fellow Anime lover who loved Funimations work but sitting in the dark at the moment.

    *PS: Not just me but every person I asked (roughly about 8-10 people) have said the same they can't access the website even via different ISPs.

  • FUNimation doesn't have rights in Australia, just the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland. Based on the database, One Piece is available to Australian viewers on Crunchyroll.

  • That's odd, because previously we were always allowed on Funimation for the past couple of years and there's never any issues. On top of that if Funimation did the dubbing and sold their dvds in our stores that's a right to trade internationally.

  • I think as a way to prevent folks outside of their streaming services from subscribing despite there being a note indicating which areas of the world they serve, they region locked the entire website

  • Learn how to use VPN. I think people told me "TunnelBear" works, but IDK myself. Else, ur gonna be quite limited...

  • Just remember that using proxies to access the site from a non-supported region is technically against the terms of service and might result in your account being penalized or banned.

    So if you choose to do so, you do so at your own risk.

  • @SpacemanHardy

    Indeed, what ye said.

    But in all practical reality, if u cannot access the site due to region locking, ur already effectively been banned, it is so..

  • Hi Freddy Krueger,

    (Picture Peter Griffon's Voice)

    i think we all know why Australia doesn't have access.. FUN wasn't given good seats at the Australian open - - makes perfect sense to me, brian.

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