Anyone having a billing issue now that last quarter installment is up?

  • When Funimation changed formats they had a screen pop up that said they would start charging the card on file a monthly fee once my last quarter was up. That should have been this month. I have been waiting for my card to be debited. I have tried to contact Funimation, but of course even if you ask for someone to call you they wont and they take weeks to reply. Anyways it appears instead of running my card they just say my account is expired and ask me to resign up. I don't want to resign up and created a new dang profile or any of that. I like my account how it was and I had tons of crap on my watch list. I don't want to have to redo any of that. Can anyone explain why they didn't just start auto billing like they said they would when the last quarter was up?!?!

  • I knew I wasn't crazy...I found it on the FAQ page also! SO I ASK FUNIMATION...Why are you making me create a new account! I was an All Access member!

    I'm a current US Funimation subscriber. What will happen to my subscription?
    We will be contacting each of our subscribers by email, but here's a basic overview:

    If you're currently an All-AccessPass subscriber, your account will be automatically converted to FunimationNow Premium and your next bill will reflect the new pricing.

  • Did you try deleting the card, and reentering it?

    Also, FUNI bill pay has problems. When I first signed up, I went several months of 0 charges, even though had access. Then, when I bought a year plan, I was retroactively charged for back pay all at once.

    Payment system can be messed up at times...

  • @GBaby101

    I imagine that message you've quoted is because there no longer is an "All-AccessPass" subscription, which existed back when there was a separate sub-only plan, just a single premium subscription. That happened the same time as the Crunchyroll partnership however, in the UK at least:

    Our partnership with Crunchyroll isn't the only big news. To help make anime more accessible to everyone, we're reducing our subscription plans from two to one. Starting today, your All-AccessPass has been upgraded to FunimationNow Premium for the new, lower price of £4.99 a month! That's right, you'll pay less and have access to so much more—more seasonal Broadcast Dubs available faster than ever, the largest catalog of English-dubbed anime online, and all-new dubs for select titles previously only available on Crunchyroll. Thanks for being a FunimationNow Subscriber!

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