ROKU has 99 problems and FUNIMATION is ONE!!

  • After first stream there is no response from the roku remote. This happens with no other streaming app and is a giant pain. I do not wish to unplug my roku box in order to binge watch multiple episodes. I love funimations selection but this is such a pain. Even during the episode I am unable to go back or start another episode. The box flashes so the signal is there but no response., and I KNOW my internet speed is fast enough. No other issues with competitive apps or any other streams. I personally know others whove experienced this so any info would be much appreciated, as I am working too hard to enjoy binge watching anime. Thanks for the content and hopefully the root of the problem can be solved. Thanks

  • @TopheKaneki I having the SAME ISSUE WITH Roku! I glad not the only one! @sophie

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