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  • I'm use my Roku to watch tv and the Funimation App doesn't give me the option to change audio options for Dragon Ball Super to the dubbed. Where have you been watching the dubbed episodes?
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  • @csavage01 said in On the app?:

    Where have you been watching the dubbed episodes?

    On TV. Toonami, specifically.

  • At the moment, Toonami has exclusive rights to the English dub of Dragon Ball Super. This might change once the physical DVD/BD releases come out, but knowing Toei and their restrictions, nothing is certain.

  • @SpacemanHardy Well accuse to the "rumors" so take this as it is... Is that Toei wanted a guarantee TV Deal before Funimation was able to get the license to Dragonball Super. So at some point got a TV Deal with Toonami and then started secretly started dubing Dragonball Super well the secret was over ones Beerus leak it to everyone... :) So we know there working on before that even official made the amonment. However how Toonami Anime Deal work most of the time is Toonami had the rights to show for 2 years even after a show is done airing on Toonami. This is why Sword Art Online II English Dub did not show up on any Stream until 2 years after it was done airing on Toonami. However Dragonball Super is a much LONGER series then something that just 25 eps. and then done with for a few years. Super is just going on and on. So I not sure how it work in the cast for show like Super. But Dragonball Super maybe in a different case all on it own b/c it Dragonball Super. The English Dub maybe be up on other Stream after Season 1 is over when that get the Blu-Ray? But I not sure? It will be also able to note if another network will be buying the edit version as acourcing to an inivew don't by Geekdom101 with the English Voice Actor for Hercule /Mr.Saturn Christopher Ragerstated to him in (which is on YouTube by the way the inview there WAS and edit version of Dragonball Super where he does called him Hercule .... So I wonder if another network will be picking up the edit version? I mean both Nicktoons and CW where airing Kai at the same time.

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