IS Funimation a Scam I just want my money back please

  • Sooooo One question. Why does Funimation have no customer support staff? Been two weeks now of constant emails and tweets to them and all I've gotten are "we are working on it."
    I paid for something and did not get it funimation. Give me a refund or give me my product. This is unprofessional i believe. I mean are there companies out there that really do this and take this long or just never help you. This seems like a scam.

  • They are extremely busy trying to help people. The problem is that they are in over their head with tickets, they do get back, just takes a while to sort through what they have. They are doing their best with only a staff of a hand full.

    It is annoying and frustrating, I have ranted myself, but I am sure it is difficult for them as well. Try to keep that in mind.

  • @valyn76 Which is WHY that need a phone contact... It go back to my reasoning I made a while ago @Sophie

  • I apologize for any inconvenience. Rest assured that the Funimation team is indeed working on the issues, but they are indeed overwhelmed with tickets at the time. All I can tell you is to please be patient.

    One more thing: I understand that you're upset, but please do not post the exact same post four times on the forums. One post should suffice.

  • @gohan6425

    the only thing that would change is they would have over two weeks of phone-call backlogs instead of support tickets

  • @Getchman I disagree ALOT of issues can be solve over the phone. Even sample ones. Like if it was money issue that can easily be correct that right away over the phone dude... If you called anyone to help with something 9 times out of 10 you can get it resolve over the phone...

  • @gohan6425

    Yes, you are correct. A large enough support staff would be able to do all they pretty quickly. the point im trying to make here, is that funi doesn't have a large support staff. that's why the tickets are backed up and that's exactly the same thing what would happen if they switched to phone support. Large backlog of calls.

  • @Getchman It better then waiting for a Damn E-Mail or a Tweet...

  • What's the issue? Maybe someone of the forum knows of a fix?

  • I canceled my subscription last month but still have 5-6 months left over (bought the year subscription). I would end it now if I could get a partial refund.

  • @sao666 Might as well just enjoy the remaining months you have because they won't refund anything. The sad thing is the 5-6 months you have left is wasted/pointless because nothing works so you can't even enjoy until it is over. Just make sure you really cancelled and hope for the best. Its a shame but when life gives you make lemonade

  • hello, when i ordered High School DxD season one and two it took two months to get here. they must be on back order, you have to relies Funimation is not exactly Walmart they cant always meet supply and demand. nothing here is a scam or else i would not be buying my anime here been using there site for several years now.

  • If you think that's bad you should try contacting the group 1200 media phone number
    which deals with the media distribution.
    it's a joke considering no one answers the phone no matter what time of day i call.
    it was better when navarre corp was around because then i could complain to the receptionist and get some phone numbers and get things sorted but ever since they merged with speed commerce i haven't been able to get contacts.
    if you really need the funimation support phone number send me a pm and i'll send it to you.
    they should get back to you via email or phone after you leave a voicemail with your ticket or order number.

  • This post is deleted!

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