Black butler Book of Atlantic

  • I was just wondering when you guys were gonna release the english sub of the movie. I dont know if its still only in japan but.. I just wanted to know

  • It's very likely going to Aniplex USA, so I don't believe we will see it here

  • @Getchman Does not Funimation own the English Dub Rights? So that would mostly dub it?

  • @gohan6425 said in Black butler Book of Atlantic:

    @Getchman Does not Funimation own the English DUb Rights? So that would mostly dub it?

    They have, in the past, gotten the rights to Black Butler but I am not sure they will now that Aniplex of America is reclaiming Black Butler as Funimations license expires. I am pretty sure Book of Murder is one of the last Aniplex titles they were able to get.

    So I am hoping, because Funimation has always gotten Black Butler in the past, they'll be able to get this movie... But it's doubtful.

  • @emdier It would mostly be dumb to not get to Funimation b/c that would have to get all the Funimation voice actor for the new title or it would not make sense. That not going to REDUB the whole series again to match 1 movie title... So it would make more sense to give it to Funimation...

  • Why would they have to redub to match the movie? While it would be annoying for fans, people like me will buy it anyways just because I want the film, Aniplex knows that too. Black Butler is a popular series, it will sell regardless.

    I am hopeful that Funimation gets the rights but Black Butler is a BIG title, so I'm kind of doubting Aniplex will give it up.

  • Aniplex could contract the dub to Funimation, but still retain the distribution rights. They could also hire the current VA's separate from Funimation This would be more for continuity sake, but isn't something Aniplex has to do. They could just dub it with totally new VA's, or not dub it at all. They would not redub the rest of the series, that would just be stupid.
    Nothing will be known until it is announced. That is apt to be at least a few months before anything is said, and longer before dub casting is announced.

  • @korrailli But it would make more sense to used the same voice actor that have been used for the whole dub series.

  • there's simply not enough information right now. all we can do is wait and see what happens

  • @gohan6425 If only everything in the anime industry worked on logic.

  • @korrailli I guess so?

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