Just a Couple of Questions

  • Just a quick couple of questions for the Admins... if any are around, or anyone else that may know the answers.

    Why do I have a 1 surrounded in red on the tab when in the Forums?

    I checked to see if I had an messages, can't find any, not sure we can send messages to each other.
    Nothing I am watching has anything new added.

    Next question, Can we PLEASE get an Ignore User feature added? Please, and thanks.

  • I'm not an admin, but I believe your first question is referring to the number of new posts made since the last time you refreshed everything. I just click "Mark as Read" and then the All option to deal with all the stuff I don't read through.

  • @GalaxyCrisis Yeah, tried that before I posted, Still there. I wonder if it is a bug that needs to be worked out.

    Thank you though :)

  • oooh, are you hoping to block Gohan? I'd kinda like to do that as well

  • The number in the tab is related to notifications. You can view there here: https://www.funimation.com/forum/notifications I haven't seen a way to clean them though, so the number just hangs around. Also no link directly from the forums to go there, so might want to bookmark the link for future use.

  • @korrailli Thanks, that did the trick :)

    @Getchman How he hasn't been banned is beyond me.

  • @valyn76 How you have not been ban is beyond me...

  • Upvoting, if someone does it, it gives u a notification. Also, if someone adds u to following. Have to click on each notification to clear if you don't wipe all at once. Assuming that is problem...

    Here, I will troll one of ur posts, so u can see urself.

  • @thegrandalliance Thanks, glad you are here to help :)

    @gohan6425 I agree, I probably should be banned, and if I were, I wouldn't make a huge fuss over it. Fact is, most of what I say is relevant to the topic of the thread, and mostly correct. I have said a lot of mean things about Funimation
    and some people, however, I am not bombarding the forums with multiple threads or trolling topics to make myself feel better about my life choices by being an immature, self centered, attention whore, with an ego complex. People are not wishing for a feature to primarily ignore me.

    Again, I probably should be banned, and if I am, so be it, I calls 'em as I sees 'em.

  • @valyn76 1st what I post is NOT trolling! 2nd I do NONE OF THE THING! What I do is gets FACTS...

  • and you yell at anyone who does not agree with anything you say. that's probably the biggest issue anyone here has with you

  • @Getchman B/c alot times I RIGHT... And I have to defend that fact... When I wrong I own up to it but NOT when I know I right...

  • @valyn76

    Has anyone figured out the exclamation point?:




  • @gohan6425 Is English your second language? Is this a rude question to ask? If so I am sorry.

  • @MRy27 No... English is my ONLY language. As I was born in the USA...

  • @PJ1 I have issues with that too. Went to my info and checked. I guess it's for the things like a Facebook account link and an avatar. I did the avatar but not the Facebook and it went away for a while only to reappear later

  • @PJ1

    No, and probably don't want to know, either....

  • Hi Gohan,

    born in the USA that was the song by leonyrd Skinnyrd right? forgive me if i just completely messed that up.. i used to follow American music more closely when we had greats like Boston, Journey, Chicago, now we get this beaver and miley zyrus. to be honest, i'm following more j-bands even some Korean artists because i'm just so sick of what's in the mainstream. for the hell of it, i decided to check out your YouTube channel. Is that really your channel? That's pretty cool. I saw your petition video for Misty, is that your voice in the video? misty was pretty good, a bit opinionated but, when you got right down to it, she had a caring heart for those she travelled with. dawn was an interesting character, funny, Ashe has been surrounded by these women for years - - i'm lucky if i find one girlfriend (laughs) Do you follow ProtoMario, MetalJesusRocks, or Noble from Lost Pause? Those guys are good.. some of my friends say i should do youtube, but, i hate to give the government another way of tracking me, lol.

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for that info. I had an avatar on the old FUN site, i guess i could re-upload that, also, on some level, seems like everyone has anime avatars, maybe with the plain, i have some separation? then again, even after putting the avatar, you say the exclamation came back? i guess i'll see moving forward..

    Hi Grand Alliance,

    You explain you don't want to know - - probably the best course of action, sometimes the less you know, the better (laughs) :-D

  • @PJ1 said in Just a Couple of Questions:


    ...me preety sure it is *Ash not "Ashe". Because otherwise ur looking at...


  • @PJ1 said in Just a Couple of Questions:

    born in the USA that was the song by leonyrd Skinnyrd right?

    Bruce Springsteen.

  • @PJ1 I was born in American and have live here my whole life... Anyway I sub ProtoMario but not heard of the other 2... And yes that is my voice in the Misty video...

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