It's time for Funimation to make a Phone Contact for the Stream ASAP!

  • Now with hacking going on with over 2.5 Millions and all the other crap going on is NOT GOOD FOR BUSINESS! Here is the info on it

    I have said this many time before and I said it AGAIN! EVERY STREAM SERVICE has a phone to contact to talk to a person! Hulu, Nexfic, even the WWE Network has one, etc. Funimation are the ONLY ones do not have one! And when you deal with issue like this people have a RIGHT to talk a person not an e-mail or a twitter tweet! It time Funimation get with the FREAKIN program and get one! You dealing with people money and card info and some time e-mail and tweets don't get reply right away some days that NOT FAIR to the paying people who paid there HARD earn money for this stream! I demand Funimation start this ASAP! Many people are piss off and it not fair to then that they can't talk to a person to resolve the issure... More issue can be resolve over the phone then an e-mail or a tweet! I will be tag EVERYONE that an Admin and a Mod here! As I wanted this message to get to then ASAP! Let me know if I forgot to tag someone to. Thank You @Sophie @administrators @Moderators @SpacemanHardy

  • right, those business you mentioned have the resources to hire entire teams of people to do that one job. anime companies do not. its not just funi, none of the North American anime companies have this service.

  • @Getchman Funimation is the ONLY company that had there OWN stream service SO YES That SHOULD HAVE ONE!

  • Not sure how you could forget Crunchyroll, though I do understand forgetting The Anime Network or Daisuki.

    None of them have public phone numbers, and only offer support over the web; either email, chat, social media, or forums.

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