What happens next ? will we get a season three ?

  • so what do you guys thinks gonna happen next ?
    so is anyone else wondering what happens after she presses the button ? how long be for one of the world governments shoots down the satellite. she is mistaken if she thinks we wont be able to fly any more, planes can fly just fine with analog might be old school but it works. just because we rely a lot on digital dose not mean we forgot how we fought in world war one and two. unless she has missiles on those satellites there wouldn't be much keeping us from shooting them down. lots of stuff to think about the third season is gonna be awesome if we get one.

  • There is not going to be a next season. The anime ended the same way as the manga did.

  • Like I said in another thread...

    @Haildodger said in Jormungand:

    This was pretty damn good. Based on the title though, it seems like it should have had a sequel; post Jormungand. It just danced around the idea of Jormungand, but never really gave us a taste of what that world would have been.

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