• I am posting this here because I no longer care about your rules. Funimation as a company does not seem to care about their customers so why should their customers give a flying rat's ass about your forum rules? I am not looking for a response from Funimation "staff" you have proved your incompetence time and time again. This is more of a public service announcement.

    I have been a subscriber for quite some time now. So long that I switched to a yearly subscription quite some time ago. For the past 6-7 months I have been thinking about cancelling my subscription but I decided to wait for the launch of the new site to see if this company would finally get their shit together. Huge mistake. My yearly subscription was renewed on December 19th. The new site launched a few weeks after. Funimation seems to have decided that their new site doesn't have to honor subscriptions to the old site cause they took my money and ran. I have not had subscriber benefits for nearly 2 months now. I have submitted several support tickets with not a single response. I have tried phoning the number on my credit card statement. Simply put this is fraud. Funimation took money from me in exchange for a service that they are not providing. I have been given no other choice I will be going through the proper channels to ensure that this gets dealt with. This is how they treat a customer that has been supporting them for over 5 years.. I cannot help but shake my head.

    Simply put I will be getting a full refund and will continue to post this as many times as I please on as many forums as I please. Funimation is a joke of a company. All they care about is your money. That much should be obvious by now. The only thing Funimation had going for it was the odd couple of shows that they got their hands on exclusively. But they basically folded to Crunchyroll admitting defeat. With good reason. Funimation spent how long making this new site? (I imagine the time delay had something to do with training monkeys in web design). I hope in the future people will look into this company before giving them a dime. A simple google search of Funimation BBB shows nothing but negative interactions with this company on the Better Business Bureau website many of which have been screwed out of money in a similar way as myself and unable to reach support. Search Funimation review and you cannot find an accumulated review higher than 2.5 out of 5 stars. Why waste your money to hear the same 10 voices recycled over and over again in every anime... Simuldubs is the biggest joke of 2017 props to you Funi. Cannot wait to see your company go bankrupt. You are burning bridges with your paying customers on a daily basis, one day you will run out of bridges to burn.

  • The BBB is essentially a scam. They don't do anything but hand out ratings, primarily [url=]based on whether or not you've paid them[/url].

    Have you checked your spam/junk/clutter folder for any responses from FUNimation?

  • @EyeOfPain Yes I thought of that. Essentially I have done everything in my power to resolve this through Funimation. As much as I can agree with you that the BBB is biased in the sense that people who are happy with their dealings with the company generally don't feel the need to say so. At the same time one of the primary functions of a business is customer relations. Which Funimation cant seem to grasp. There are a half dozen or more posts in other sections of the forum about people who cannot get ahold of support by any means. And these are just people willing to break the "forum rules" to post their concerns. Because the forum moderators are basically hushing the forums to the sites glaring problems. Today marks my 5th ticket submitted. I will give it another week and see what happens before going through my credit card company.

  • @Freedumb I used to love this company so much, but due to a security issue on their end i just lost a ridiculous amount of money . I've already sent them tickets and even tried to change my password and email twice, i even sent a ticket to delete my account but as i wait i have to see more and more money charged to my card

  • @Freedumb You can tweet then at that reply very quickly there if you have a twitter account...

  • @gohan6425 I think there is a problem if i have to create a twitter account just to get in contact with a company.I really hate/dislike twitter, facebook and instagram. I see no reason why the contact support on the website should not be as active as their twitter accounts

  • @timrobasa It free to sign up. And when I was not getting an e-mail back from then I tweet then and the reply like 2 minutes later and said someone e-mail and 5 minutes later that did... So you many not like twitter you could make one just for this for issue if that don't e-mail you back soon...

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