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  • I've attempted to contact support twice since the launch of funimation now and while I get the automated emails saying my ticket has been submitted I've never gotten an actual response. What's the deal funimation? It's not like it hasn't been that long. One ticket is from 2/16/17 and the other is from 1/27/17. Yeah one of the tickets is from almost a month ago and I still have no response. I was super super excited for the launch of funimation now but I've been rather let down. I understand it's a new system and there are bugs but I'm not complaining about the bugs. I'm complaining about the lack of support. It's fine if it takes longer than usual but almost 1 month is unacceptable especially seeing you say "please allow 3-4 days."

  • I'm sorry about the delay. If you have Twitter, you can try contacting them @FunimationHelp. You might get a faster response that way.

  • Welcome aboard the boat.
    At least you got the auto-response.

  • I have received one response, but having created multiple tickets I have no idea what they were responding to ^^;

    We apologize for the inconvenience. This issue should be resolved. Please log out of your account, clear your cache and cookies, and log back in. If the issue persists please let us know.

  • @Nobu rofl right? He got auto response. @scoopta you need to wait for a response from support. This is how the calculation goes: it takes forever and a day to get a reply. Now do the math and figure out when they will get back to you. Oh that calculation does not include them actually fixing the problem, that's a whole different calculation on its own

  • Well making this thread certainly did something because I made it last night and when I woke up this morning I had replies for both of my tickets in my inbox.

  • @scoopta did the replies actually solve your problem?

  • @timrobasa yes they did. One of them actually required a reply back because I needed them to remove a payment method for me because it was erroring when I tried. I emailed them back specifying the card I wanted removed and they got back to me within an hour letting me know that they removed it for me.

  • @scoopta well consider yourself lucky. That's a first!!!

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