One Piece Acting Desires (DELUXE)

  • Well, the other thread somehow jumped ship to the YuYu Hakusho section, and went off-topic, so I'll put it here. Basically, this section is where people can put actors that have not yet been in One Piece who they want to see in One Piece.

    Here's my own list; I also added a few more to the list:

    Amy Rosenthal
    Bill Townsley
    Brad Smeaton
    Brice Armstrong
    Brittany Lauda
    Cindee Mayfield
    Chloe Daniels
    Curtis Shaw
    Dameon Clarke
    Dan Forsythe
    Daniel Drumm
    Daniel Fredrick
    Dennis Maher
    Elisa Castillo
    Elise Baughman
    Jakie Cabe
    Jessica Calvello
    Johnny Yong Bosch
    Kaiji Tang
    Kelly Manison
    Kristi Rothrock
    Larissa Wolcott
    Liam O'Brien
    Mandy Lane
    Marla Acevedo
    Michael Serrecchia
    Michelle Ruff
    Morgan McCelvey
    Sam Riegel
    Sametria Ewunes
    Sarah Sullivan
    Scott Sager
    Shane Ray
    Spike Spencer
    T.H. Angelle
    T.K. Masala

  • List updated. Removed Ashly Burch and Patrick McAllister, added Daniel Drumm, Sametria Ewunes, Sarah Sullivan, and TH Angelle.

  • Been a while, but here are some more:

    Allison Sumrall
    Amanda Lee
    Andrea Kwan
    Donald Shults
    Hilary Couch
    Jeramey Kraatz
    Joseph Tompkins
    Justin Flowers
    Kasi Hollowel
    Krystal LaPorte
    Quinn Angell
    Rachel Michelle Thompson
    Ryan Manalansan
    Stephanie Nadolny

  • Wow, do not recognize any name, only one, Johnny Yong Bosch, who I know from Bleach and my fav Wii game, Fragile Dreams (And believe the main character from Tales of Symphonia 2) Now, may have heard the others before, just dont know their names. Would like to see Johnny Yong Bosch do a character on One Piece though.

  • Well, with the season casting all done and two new DVDs scheduled (Part 2 at last!), I thought it would be a good time to update the list. With the first two episodes, there was no one I could remove from the list (unless I'm missed someone, please let me know), but I did notice that Joel McDonald has stepped down as ADR Director, and now Mike McFarland has taken the reins. I also found out that the 4Kids and Funimation dubs actually do share at least one actor, albeit in different roles - that actor being the one and only Sean Schemmel.

    Anyway, here are the new additions to the list:

    Aaron Green
    Adam Gibbs
    Avery Rice Williams
    Christian Heep
    Domonique French
    Gordon Fox
    Jeremy Woods
    Jessica Peterson
    Jon Christie
    Karen Strassman
    Nicole Endicott
    Noelle Fabian
    Oscar Contreras
    Paul Ramirez
    Rachael Messer
    Rachel Glass
    Sally Haden
    Sam Grun
    Zarah Little

  • @TheRealSneakers Yeah, Johnny's pretty much MY most desired actor. Maybe he and Spike can get a role in each while recording for Akito the Exiled.

  • I'd say it's about time for more additions. I don't have many this time, though I'm also slaving over having to put all the new actors from the most recent release into ANN FOR SOME REASON (that's not an accidental caps by the way). Anyways, here we go:

    Chris Gardner
    Daphne Gere
    Drew Bramlett
    Kimberly Grant
    Markus Lloyd
    Matthew Piersall
    Nazeeh Tarsha
    Parisa Fakhri
    Rochelle Grimsmo

  • Removed Amanda Gish, who has additional voices in the most recent release. I'm also surprised to see Kira Buckland also has additional voices - hopefully more Cali actors get a chance to be in the One Piece dub.

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