Funimation site haveing a problem or something?

  • I added animes like Gonna be the twin tail, Keijo!!!!!!!!, SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exists, Seraph of the End, and so much other shows to my Queue.

    Therefore I could watch them later.

    And when I looked at my peronal queue, only few animes are in there.

    Is it only me? Or anyone having a similar problem like mine?

  • This is exactly why I'm checking the forums, lol. I was having the same issue, except I had my queue set up ages ago. I realized tonight that nearly ALL but 20 shows I had on there were gone, and when I try to add them, it says it was added, I go to the next page of shows, then go back, and it's not in my queue.

  • @SupesDcRebirth I experienced the same thing on iPad. Add a show to queue and when next you use the app the shows aren't there. I haven't noticed it on none iOS devices though

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