Multiple streams

  • I noticed when I got my subscription that I am able to stream from two devices at the same time. I was wondering if there was any way to make a second queue/history so that way whoever else I allow to watch on my account doesn't have to try not to watch things I am currently watching. Basically I am wondering if there is something similar to what netflix has. I'd ask funimation staff about this except I tried to contact them before about the fact that I was having issues getting my subscription and never got a response.

  • Yep, there is a two person streaming at once limit

  • @Desmond321 I understand that. I am wondering if there is a way to make multiple profiles/queues so that when I watch a show/am watching a show, if I share my account since It can be streamed on two devices at once and there is little point to myself streaming on two devices simultaneously, it doesn't impact whether or not the person I am sharing my account with.

  • @Desmond321 for instance, I am watching one piece. I share my account with my friend, let's call him Dan. Dan also wants to watch one piece. We can't watch one piece at the same time because we'll be at different places in the story and every time I watch an episode it will push the shared history forward to the last episode I watched, meaning Dan now has to look through the episodes to find where he left off and continue.

  • I believe that at the moment there is not way to create multiple profiles under the same account (I.e. Like Netflix).

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